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DPP250L aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

Product description

The product is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, electronics, medical devices and other industries. Aluminum plastic and paper plastic composite sealed packaging for capsules, tablets, candy and special-shaped products. In addition to the functions of automatic feeding of aluminum foil, male female matching of upper and lower reticulation, multi-stage cylinder heat sealing, automatic indentation and batch number, aluminum alloy double heating, the machine also has the following new features:

1. The forming, heat sealing, blanking and other parts can adjust the spacing at will to adapt to the packaging of various sizes of drug plates. High precision and applicable performance.

2. Manipulator traction, stroke can be adjusted arbitrarily, operation is simple and reliable.

3. Cycloid speed reduction, low noise and long service life.

4. It is convenient and quick to change the mold. Stepless high speed, excellent performance and high efficiency.

5. The cursor can be configured for the board to realize the automatic compensation of traction length.

6. The color band can be configured to print batch number automatically and synchronously.

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