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DPP500 blister packaging machine

Product description

The equipment is suitable for packaging of special-shaped solid materials such as medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, etc. it can complete the functions of making, entering and punching. The whole machine is controlled by motion controller, driven by full servo, modularized design, high intelligence and high speed, which can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and reduce production cost. And can be linked with labeling machine, cartoning machine and other equipment.

And has the following characteristics:

1. Large forming area and large number of single punching.

2. Adopt servo control, simple transmission and convenient adjustment.

3. The mold opening distance and step distance can be adjusted at will on the human-machine interface, which is convenient for adjustment.

4. Servo stepping, accurate operation.

5. It can be equipped with robots to realize automatic feeding and stable feeding.

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