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DPH260 aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

Product description

The automatic unwinding plate positive pressure forming intermittent action of the package material, convenient quick connection of the mold replacement, servo traction of the manipulator, accurate and convenient adjustment. Stepless speed change blanking, multi-function feeding machine (can be equipped with high-speed disc special feeding machine). The whole machine is controlled by PLC, the frequency converter has no grade speed regulation, the touch screen is easy to operate, the roller type heat seal has continuous action line contact, and the plate mesh is cleaned. Typing can be cold or hot. It is convenient to change batch number. Typing and punching are 4 guide pillars to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment during high-speed operation. Set up waste collection mechanism to clean the environment. It can be installed and transported separately. Packing range: packing all kinds of tablets, capsules, rubber pills and special-shaped tablets.

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