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DPH370 aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

Product description

DPH370 blister packaging machine is a new type developed by our company. It integrates machine, electricity, light, gas and water, and integrates the advantages of flat and roller blister packaging machines. It adopts bus control, full servo motor drive, modular design and high-speed feeding machine. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, compact structure, simple operation and convenient mold replacement. The machine meets the requirements of GMP and is widely used in blister packaging of drugs, health products, medical devices and electronic components.

1. Human machine interface, PLC program control, frequency conversion speed regulation, blanking times ≤ 150 times / min;

2. Full servo control step, no asynchronous problem, not limited by step distance;

3. The blanking die can be used as the product shape, with the horizontal and vertical waste sides ≤ 1mm, saving packaging materials;

4. Plate positive pressure blow molding, large forming area, roller sealing, good sealing quality;

5. It is convenient and quick to replace the mold, and the adjustment method is simple;

6. The noise is lower than the requirements of national standards, and the working conditions meet the requirements of GMP standards.

7. The finished products are exported in order and the waste products are collected automatically.

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