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Product description

SGA20 liquid filling machine is mainly a filling machine for measuring and packaging liquid and semi viscous products. It is specially developed by the company to meet the needs of customers with many varieties, small capacity and strong adaptability. The model can realize the positive and negative double-sided benchmarking, ensure the accuracy and integrity of the pattern, and increase the aesthetic degree of the product.

1. The model has compact structure, simple and convenient operation, high degree of automation and small floor area.

2. Modular design, simple structure, reliable quality, stable operation and long service life.

4. Packaging materials can be single materials or composite materials.

5. It is widely applicable to packaging materials, PVC / PE, PET / PE, PVDC / PE and other materials.

6. The utilization rate of packaging materials is high, which can reach more than 95% or even 99%, saving packaging cost.

7. The speed of PVC packaging material can reach 10-20 times / min, and 2-5 pieces can be formed at one time.

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