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HD240 automatic box loader

Product description

HD240 automatic cartoning machine is suitable for packaging aluminum plastic plates, small bottles, hoses, etc. it can automatically complete the opening and forming of cartons, folding of product instructions, blanking and filling of packages, printing of production batch number, sealing of cartons, output of finished products, etc. the continuous cartons conveying mode is combined with swing blanking, greatly improving the packaging speed of products, At the same time, a special on-line interface is designed for the aluminum plastic blister machine, which greatly improves the automation and production efficiency. Through the control of human-machine interface and photoelectric detection, the machine can make every working position coordinated, reliable in performance, accurate in transmission, save raw materials for packaging, and ensure the packaging quality of products.

The hd240 automatic box loader can realize the following control functions through photoelectric monitoring:

1. The package does not absorb the instruction, the box or the pusher does not work.

2. There are two main and auxiliary positions for swinging blanking. When the main bin does not drop the material, the auxiliary bin will automatically replenish the material.

3. When the material level of the auxiliary bin is low, it will stop automatically.

4. When there is a manual and there is no box for three consecutive times, the machine will stop automatically.

5. When there are packages and there is no manual for three consecutive times, the machine will stop automatically.

6. The equipment is equipped with multiple overload automatic shutdown protection.

7. The electric control box is equipped with an emergency stop switch. In case of emergency, press this button to stop the machine immediately.

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